5G gaining momentum – Several new experiments launched in Finland to boost digitalisation

Published 17.01.2018

FICORA has granted more than twenty test licences for tests, research and trials involving systems based on wireless technology. Applicants have included telecom operators, device manufacturers and research projects.

Test licences have been granted, for example, for exploring the potential of ultrafast 5G in intelligent transportation and industrial automation. The test licences also provide a platform for testing new services and network functionalities and for developing new base stations and terminal devices.

As new innovations and needs emerge, 5G experimentation and development is on the constant rise. Finland provides ample opportunities for research, development and testing. FICORA encourages experimentation and provides support by granting radio licences quickly and flexibly.

Digitalisation requires sufficient frequencies for wireless communications, including testing. The allocation of frequencies for 5G will be decided globally at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2019) next year. FICORA is working actively to promote Finnish needs and views and to enable the commercial roll-out of 5G networks as soon as possible after the WRC-2019. Finland aspires to be a leading 5G country.

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Tapio Penkkala, Deputy Director, tel. +358 (0) 295 390 434

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