Telecommunications turnover grew for the first time in this decade

Published 17.07.2017 | Updated 18.07.2017

Telecommunications operators’ turnover from broadband, telephone, tv and radio services in Finland grew by almost 2 per cent in 2016. On the other hand, investments in telecommunications networks were 13 per cent lower than the year before. Investments in fixed networks fell by as much as one third.

In 2016, telecommunications operations generated turnover of approximately EUR 3.5 billion. During the last two years, the turnover from mobile networks has begun to grow. As in previous years, the turnover from fixed networks decreased whereas the turnover from TV and radio networks increased in 2016. On the basis of the total turnover from telecommunications, Elisa Corporation became the largest telecom operator together with Telia Finland Oyj.

In 2016, approximately EUR 590 million were invested in Finnish telecom networks. Investments made in mobile networks amounted to EUR 300 million and in the fixed networks to EUR 240 million. Investments in TV and radio networks were approximately EUR 50 million.

Investments in fixed networks fell by 33 per cent in 2016 year-on-year. Investments in mobile networks again grew by 9 per cent due to the increase in intangible investments. Investments in TV and radio networks were 23 per cent more than in the year before.
Internationally, Finland had far less tangible investments than the other Nordic countries. In 2016, tangible investments in fixed broadband and telephone networks and in mobile networks in Finland were approximately EUR 77 per individual, whereas in Sweden the amount was twice as much, and in Norway as much as EUR 213.

The statistics are based on the adopted financial statements FICORA has collected from 165 operators for its steering and supervising duties. As regards the international comparison, the statistics are based on information in the [Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries], which have been updated for Finland and Denmark after the publication.

The article about the statistics is available on FICORA’s website. The statistics for Finland are also available as a table on Statistics and reports.

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