State aid for pilot projects developing sales interfaces for ticket and payment systems

Published 15.11.2017

The Interoperability of ticket and payment systems project (Lippu) has entered the pilot project phase. Operators may now apply for state aid for pilot projects.

The Interoperability of ticket and payment systems project (Lippu) is funding a few pilot projects by selected operators to get feedback on the configurations supporting the provision of open sales interfaces. In the pilots, the selected operators will develop the interoperability of their existing ticket and payment systems. The project aims at creating new business opportunities for service providers.

Collaborations between two or more operators where at least one operator is a transportation service provider can apply. Cost types eligible for state aid are labour costs from the technical implementation of the interfaces and the cost of preparing contracts based on the applicable Code of Conduct. One operator may receive a maximum of 16,000 euros in state aid.

Send your application by email to viestintavirasto(at) by 4pm on Monday 11 December 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact FICORA at viestintavirasto(at) by Wednesday 29 November 2017. A FAQ document will be published on the project website by 5 December 2017.

For further information, please see the application notification [pdf, 49 KB] (in Finnish).

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