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Published 04.05.2017

Spring is the season to begin boating preparation. FICORA reminds all boating enthusiasts to check that they have a valid radio licence. In addition to a ship station licence, the user of a marine VHF radiotelephone must hold a personal certificate of competence. You can sort out all licence issues related to boating via FICORA’s eServices and even receive a copy of your licence in your mobile phone.

The purpose of the radio licences and competence requirements is to secure the interference-free use of marine frequencies and radio communication as well as to ensure that boaters know how to act.

Besides communication between vessels, radio equipment is used for distress and safety radio communication and location. A marine VHF radiotelephone is the most important communications device on the boat. It is voluntary on pleasure craft and mandatory on most professional vessels. The radiotelephone is especially critical in situations related to security: a marine VHF radio telephone enables communication between a boat and the maritime rescue centre or another boat even in situations when mobile phones have no reception.

FICORA grants licences for marine VHF radiotelephones for users holding a personal maritime radiocommunication certificate. Such certificate, also called a Short Range Certificate (SRC), requires the successful completion of specific examination organised by FICORA.

FICORA monitors radio licences by carrying out intensive controls with other authorities. Boaters must present their radio licence and certificate for authorities requesting to see them.

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