Helsinki International Boat Show 2017: Authorities answer questions on navigation and boating safety

Published 10.02.2017

Are your leisure folios up-to-date? Do you know how to use your VHF radio? What is the maritime SAR alarm number? How do you call for help in an emergency at sea? Who are the maritime rescue authorities? At the Helsinki International Boat Show 2017, your questions will be answered by representatives of the Helsinki Boat Police, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Border Guard, the Finnish Customs and the FICORA. The aim is to promote safe boating.

The authorities share current and useful boating information and answer boaters' questions. The youngest family members are invited to take part in a drawing competition or a quiz. At booth 7a128 at Helsinki Messukeskus, visitors can pick up the new issue of Veneilyturvallisuus free of charge.

Reliable nautical charts form the basis for all navigational safety. The Hydrographic Office at the Finnish Transport Agency publishes updated printed and electronic nautical charts of the Finnish coastal and inland waterways. Nautical charts are displayed at the booth, where it is also possible to give feedback using the new chart-based feedback system. Visitors can also familiarise themselves with the new updating services for nautical charts, as well as learn about the history of the Hydrographic Office during 100 years of Finnish independence.

Using a maritime radio transmitter, such as a VHF radiotelephone, requires a radio licence and a personal certificate of competence issued by the FICORA. More information about this will be provided at the boat show. Visitors to the authority’s booth may try sending a test VHF/DSC distress alert in a radio simulator. At the booth, the MONITORi service will also be presented. This is a service for checking the functionality of the mobile broadband, TV coverage and the radio channels in the area.

The Police ensure boater safety by maintaining general order and security. This task also includes supervision of boating, fishing and hunting. Visitors to the authority’s booth can learn in more detail about the safety the Police provide.

Finnish Customs is the authority with the principal responsibility for the supervision of import and export restrictions, the judicial supervision of customs procedures and for the supervision of the fuels used for pleasure craft. The patrol boats of the Customs also supervise waterborne transport and compliance with registration regulations. Finnish Customs are a maritime rescue authority.

The Finnish Border Guard is the safety authority that is always present at sea. Among other things, it maintains order along the border and leads maritime rescue operations. In an emergency at sea, it may take some time to get help. Therefore, boaters have to be prepared to use the right equipment and skills while waiting for help. Emergency numbers and distress signalling equipment must be ready and on hand. In addition to the initial distress message and distress signals, boaters must be able to communicate with and locate a person in distress. At this booth, boaters are invited to freshen up their skills.

Further information

Further information about the Boat Show and opening hours: Helsinki International Boat Show

Helsinki Boat Police, Senior Constable Jukka Grönlund, phone +358504561082

Finnish Transport Agency, Planning Manager Jarmo Mäkinen, phone +358 29 534 3477

Finnish Border Guard, Communications Assistant Marjo Peni, phone +358 295 426 009

Customs, Senior Customs Officer Henrik Wahlroos, Head of the boat team at Helsinki Customs, Boat Supervision Coordinator at the Customs Office, phone +358 40 332 6886

FICORA, Radio Network Expert Ari Caselius, phone +358 295 390 437

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