Heading out of town for for the holidays? - Check in MONITORi if you can watch your favourite shows during the holiday season

Published 05.12.2017 | Updated 21.12.2017

FICORA's MONITORi service provides a comprehensive range of information on communications services in Finland. The service allows you, for example, to check which programme channels are available in the terrestrial TV network.

MONITORi now also features information on terrestrial TV networks, allowing you to easily see which programme channels are available in your area. You can also check the location of the nearest TV mast, and how far it is (in kilometres) from your address.

MONITORi points you to the nearest letter box

Are you planning to send Christmas cards? You can check the location of your nearest letter box in MONITORi.

MONITORi also provides information on the regional availability of radio and broadband services, and information and updates on broadband projects. In addition, the service publishes information on significant disruptions in telephone, broadband, TV and radio connections reported to FICORA by telecom operators.

The information included in MONITORi is based on data collected in connection with FICORA's steering and supervision duties.


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