Finns use more broadband services on increasingly faster connections

Published 10.04.2017

Recent sectoral data published by FICORA indicates that the growth rate of mobile data seems to have already peaked even though the annual increase was still 69 per cent. The increasing popularity of mobile subscriptions with unlimited data transfer contributes to the growing volume of data transfer.

The volume of data transferred over mobile networks grew by 69 per cent in 2016. An average Finn transferred up to 16 gigabytes of mobile data per month. In 2016, up to 61 per cent of mobile subscriptions provided unlimited access to broadband for a fixed monthly fee.

Popularity of traditional communications services decreases slightly

The use of mobile data seems to somewhat decrease the use of traditional voice and communications services. The change is particularly apparent in the volume of text messages which fell by around 12 per cent compared to the previous year. Last year, the number of text messages sent per Finnish individual was 38 messages a month. In 2016, the volume of mobile calls made per Finnish individual was nearly 4 hours a month, which is almost the same as in the previous year.

Number of fixed broadband subscriptions remains stable

There were 1.71 million fixed broadband subscriptions in Finland at the end of 2016 representing a decrease of roughly one per cent compared to the previous year. The penetration of modern broadband technologies grew steadily and the number of subscriptions using mainly fibre optics increased. Connections are also faster than one year ago and 28 per cent of all fixed broadband subscriptions already had a connection speed of over 100 Mbps.

Statistics provide a complete picture of the state of FICORA's operating environment

Statistics indicating the trends of the communications sector are available on FICORA’s website under Statistics and reports. The most recent data covers the availability and use of communications services in 2016. Consumer survey results on the use of communications services and telecom operators' income and investment information will be published later in the spring and summer.

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Petri Järvikuona, Communications Market Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 104

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