FICORA presents IPv6 World Leader 2017 awards to four companies promoting the use of IPv6

Together with IPv6 Forum, FICORA has the honour to present the Jim Bound Award for companies involved in the worldwide deployment and promotion of IPv6.

From the left: Klaus Nieminen, Nikolai Viskari, Vesa Lahti, Ville Virtanen and Raymond Jetten.

Jim Bound was an IPv6 pioneer and therefore, IPv6 Forum has established an award bearing his name that is presented to operators which have substantially fostered the worldwide deployment of IPv6. The criterion for the award is successfully achieving double-digit IPv6 penetration rate in internet traffic.

The IPv6 World Leader 2017 award is presented to

  • Nikolai Viskari (Oy Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd.)
  • Ville Virtanen (DNA Oyj)
  • Raymond Jetten (Elisa Oyj)
  • Vesa Lahti (Ficolo Oy)

“The national IPv6 deployment has resulted in significant growth in IPv6 traffic and the experience has been positive. This is largely due to Creanova, DNA, Elisa and Ficolo which have been at the forefront in improving broadband experience," says Klaus Nieminen, Communications Market Specialist at FICORA.

FICORA organised a national launch day for IPv6 on 9 June 2015 together with operators in the industry, and in less than two years, the penetration rate of IPv6 traffic in Finland has risen to 13 per cent. There is also significant potential for further growth as IPv6 can already be used in six million Finnish subscriptions.

Yet, there is still a lot of work to be done. Globally, the IPv6 penetration is increasing steadily and in best cases, more than 16 per cent of users access Google services over IPv6. The situation differs greatly between countries with countries like Belgium (47.7%), United States (30.1%) and Germany (28.1%) leading the way.

IPv6 reduces broadband latency and facilitates its use

For customers, using IPv6 means shorter latency in broadband connections which in turn improves the experience for remote access and online games, for example. IPv6 offers a public IP address for all customers which means that devices connected to the internet become more interoperable, for example.

FICORA encourages all providers of broadband, content and network services to start using IPv6. IPv6 is already considered mainstream and FICORA recommends it to all operators. “The feedback has been very positive and it does not give any reason for concern," explains Klaus Nieminen.

Further information:

Klaus Nieminen, Communications Market Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 528

IPv6 is an address standard replacing IPv4 which is suffering from IP address exhaustion. In order for all users and devices to continue communicating with each other over the internet, it is essential to deploy IPv6 addresses. IPv6 is like a fast lane past the jammed IPv4 traffic. IPv6 is the solution for ensuring open internet, the development of services and service quality for internet users in the future.

For more information about IPv6 deployment, instructions and list of current users, visit

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