Did you know these five facts about fi-domain names?

Published 07.02.2017

Did you know that only registrars can renew a domain name that is about to expire? Registrars must also send reminder notices to their customers before the expiration. FICORA recommends finding a registrar if you do not have one yet.

FICORA has listed five key facts about fi-domain names. Check whether you knew these facts and get a reliable and secure Finnish fi-domain name. “FICORA is responsible for the technical operation of fi-domain names and supervises and guarantees that registrars offering fi-domain name services provide the highest quality of service," assures Sanna Sahlman, Legal Counsel.

Five facts about fi-domain names

1. Companies, organisations and private persons all around the world can have fi-domain names registered for them.

2. Registrars provide all the services related to fi-domain names, including registrations, renewals, transfers, switching registrars, terminations, and updating details. This means that the first point of contact in all issues related to fi-domain names is your own domain name registrar, not FICORA.

3. If you do not have a registrar yet, it is time to get one. You can find all registrars for fi-domain names using FICORA’s search tool. You can filter the results by services or for private individuals only. Some registrars provide services for businesses only. The results are displayed in random order as authorities must treat all parties equally.

4. Remember to make sure that the domain name is not based on anyone's business name, auxiliary business name or trademark. The fi-domain name holder is responsible for consulting name and trademark registers to check that there is no obstacle preventing the domain name registration. To make sure that the domain name is lawful, consult the public registers.

5. Everyone may register a domain name consisting of a combination of first name and last name. If you do not want someone to register a combination of first name and last name that is meaningful to you, be quick to register it yourself.

“Adopting the internationally established registry-registrar model on 5 September 2016 was a major step forward in the Finnish domain name business. Following the global trend and abandoning our national special features is the only way to develop the fi-domain name system and ensure that Finns keep selecting the fi-domain as the first choice", says Juhani Juselius, Chief Specialist.

“Finnish businesses should pay more attention to brand management. You should protect your corporate identity online and offline and prepare an action plan for violations and other exceptional situations", recommends Sanna Sahlman, Legal Counsel.

Further information:

Juhani Juselius, Chief Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 492

Sanna Sahlman, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390 587

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