Amateur radio operators get a rare OF call sign for Finland 100 jubilee year

To celebrate the Finland 100 jubilee year, FICORA allows amateur radio operators to use a rarely permitted call sign prefix OF. A call sign identifies amateur radio stations in data and voice communications, telegraphy and other communications.

Finnish amateur radio operators usually use a call sign prefix OH. As part of the Finland 100 celebrations, all Finnish amateur radio operators are allowed to use the rare OF call sign during 2017. Normally, the call sign prefix OF is not available for private persons. This special arrangement was proposed by the Finnish Amateur Radio League.

During the Finland 100 jubilee year, communications with Finnish amateur radio operators are much sought after as collectors want to add the rare call signal prefix OF in their QSL card, which is a confirmation of radio contact between amateur radio stations.

The temporary call sign prefix OF is available for such amateur radio operators who already have a personal OH call sign. The call sign may be used free of charge during the centenary celebration year and no notification to FICORA is required.

Regulation 6 on governing amateur radio stations and their use: Regulation temporarily amending the Regulation governing amateur radio stations and their use from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 (in Finnish).

Further information

Markku Laasonen, Radio Network Specialist, tel. +358 2 9539 0454

FICORA celebrates the centenary of Finland’s independence. Finland of the future will need efficient, secure and increasingly faster communications. By guaranteeing these services, FICORA promotes digital business and secures Finland's success also in the future.

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