Television programming licence round discontinued until further notice

Published 21.06.2016

FICORA has discontinued the ongoing programming licence round for its part as the network company Norkring As relinquished its network licences for the UHF band. These network licences must be reallocated before the programming licences may be granted.

FICORA has decided, for its part, to discontinue the ongoing round of granting programming licences for terrestrial TV operations. Besides the UHF band, the suspension also applies to programming licences granted for the VHF network and the local multiplex of the Ostrobothnia region. Programming licences in different terrestrial networks are related and should be considered together. Therefore, all programming licences in terrestrial networks will be granted at the same time after the new network licence round for UHF multiplexes B, C and D is completed.

In early 2016, FICORA invited programming companies to apply for a programming licence in any terrestrial television network in Finland. The number of licence applications submitted primarily for UHF multiplexes exceeded the available capacity and therefore, FICORA referred all applications for the UHF band to the Government for decision in May.

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Markus Mettälä, Head of Fixed Radiocommunication Networks, tel. +358 295 390 439

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