Registration for the 700 MHz band auction

Published 10.10.2016 | Updated 11.10.2016

The Government has today invited applications for licences for wireless broadband networks in the 700 MHz band. The licences are granted by auction. One enterprise, organisation or association may not be granted more than two licences (paired frequency blocks). There are a total of six paired frequency blocks available for application.

The objective of the auction is to improve the availability, quality and capacity of wireless broadband connections.

The spectrum auction is expected to begin on 24 November 2016. Registrations must be submitted to FICORA by Monday 7 November 2016 at 4.15 p.m. (GMT +3). FICORA Regulation M64A, which was published today, contains more information about the registration and the auction process.

The Government decree on radio spectrum auction contains further information on the auctioning of radio spectrum.

The decree defines, for example, the frequencies to be auctioned and their starting prices. Operations in accordance with network licences in the 700 MHz band can be started in early 2017 once the frequency band is longer being used for TV operations. Finland is the first country in Europe to start using the 700 MHz band for national wireless broadband networks.

Link to the invitation to apply for licences.

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