Providers of strong electronic identification services to continue

Published 05.09.2016

Banks, telecommunications operators and the Population Register Centre undertook to maintain the reliability of their identification services at the level required by the EU. Together with FICORA, they are actively preparing the introduction of identification transmission services to markets.

All providers of strong electronic identification services have notified that they will continue providing the service in accordance with the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009) that was amended in the beginning of July. The deadline for the notification was 31 August 2016.

The amendment specified the requirements for information security management and divided strong identification devices into two assurance levels. The requirements correspond to the EU's new eIDAS Regulation on cross-border electronic identification.

All strong electronic identification devices continue to be valid, for instance, in public services requiring strong electronic identification referred to in the Act.

Currently strong electronic identification devices include TUPAS identification, i.e. online banking codes provided by banks, mobile certificates provided by telecom operators and the identification certificate provided by the Population Register Centre which is attached to an ID card with chip issued by the Police or to different kinds of smart cards.

FICORA and the service providers continue to actively prepare the next phase in identification services in May 2017. Then the identification device providers and identification service providers registered in FICORA’s register in accordance with the amended Act will form a trust network where the devices are transmitted by a transmission service. The aim is to provide the transmission services an easier and more centralised way of offering several identification devices for eServices.

Further information:

Anne Lohtander, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390618

FICORA's technical review 1/2016 [pdf, 631 KB] (in Finnish)

Register of identification service providers

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