More than half of mobile subscriptions have no data cap

Published 31.03.2016 | Updated 13.04.2016

Recent sectoral data published by FICORA reveals that in 2015 Finns were more eager to utilise data transfer in mobile networks than before. The volume of mobile data continued to grow for the third consecutive year and the amount of data transferred in mobile networks almost doubled compared to 2014. One factor contributing to this trend was the reduction of limitations related to data transfer. More than half of mobile subscriptions provided unlimited access to broadband within the obtained data transfer speed.

It seems that the use of mobile data has somewhat decreased the use of traditional voice and communications services. In 2015, the volume of mobile calls made per Finnish individual was nearly 4 hours a month, which is almost the same as in the previous year. However, the number of text messages fell by 12 per cent compared to 2014. Last year, the number of text messages sent per Finnish individual was 44 messages a month.

Number of fixed broadband subscriptions remains stable

There were 1.73 million fixed broadband subscriptions in Finland at the end of 2015. The penetration of modern broadband technologies grew steadily and the number of subscriptions mainly using fibre optics increased. As a result, 24 per cent of all fixed broadband subscriptions already had a connection speed of over 100 Mbps.

Statistics on other communications services as well as information security and functionality

The Finnish communications networks and services boasted a high level of functionality and information security in 2015. The majority of disturbances in functionality concerned mobile networks. There were no major malware epidemics in 2015.

The information is based on FICORA's communications sector review which provides comprehensive information on the development of the sector in 2015. In addition to the above-mentioned themes, the review discusses, for example, issues related to use of frequencies and postal services.

FICORA's Communications Sector Review is available in full at FICORA's website.

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