Investment in telecommunications grew in 2015

Published 05.07.2016

Investments made in telecommunications operations last year amounted to EUR 680 million at a growth rate of 12%. At the same time, the total turnover in the telecommunications sector decreased.

In 2015, telecom operators’ investments in the fixed network increased by 16% and accounted for approximately EUR 360 million. The growth was mainly based on investments in Cinia's submarine communications cable project. Investments made in the mobile network increased by 18% and accounted for roughly EUR 280 million. However, the value of investments made in television and radio operations decreased by 31% compared to 2014 and amounted to approximately EUR 40 million. These numbers include the tangible and intangible investments of telecom operators with activities in Finland, as well as invested broadband aid.

Growing number of mobile broadband subscriptions showed in income formation

In 2015, telecommunications operations generated turnover of almost EUR 3.4 billion in total. Telecom operators earned almost EUR 1.2 billion in revenue from operations in the fixed network, about EUR 1.8 billion from operations in the mobile network, and EUR 360 million from TV and radio operations. The total turnover in the telecommunications sector decreased by 4% compared to 2014. Revenues from the fixed network fell by 7%, revenues from the mobile network by 1% and revenues from TV and radio operations by 3%.

Telecom operators’ revenues from monthly-charged mobile subscriptions with unlimited data transfer increased roughly by 17% and amounted to more than EUR 600 million. Correspondingly, wholesale revenues from the mobile network decreased by 16% compared to 2014 due to, for instance, lower termination fees paid by operators to each other.

The comparison between 2014 and 2015 only includes operators that have provided data on both years. The data in EUR of 2015 includes all telecom operators.

More statistics on the subject are available on FICORA's website

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