Internet television and WLAN have become commonplace in Finnish homes

Published 15.09.2016

A consumer survey carried out in spring 2016 revealed that already three quarters of Finns watch TV programmes or videos online. Consumers are increasingly interested in the wireless use of internet television and other content, and mobile subscriptions are not the only factor increasing such wireless use. More than 40% of Finnish households have a wireless local area network (WLAN) using a fixed broadband subscription.

According to the consumer survey, 69% of Finns have watched free internet television services, such Yle Areena, Katsomo or Ruutu. The second most popular services are video services such as Youtube with 58%. A total of 56% of Finns watch TV programmes or videos online at least once a week, and 19% watch them daily.

The survey found that two out of three Finnish households have a WLAN. In 42% of households, the WLAN is connected to a fixed broadband subscription. This means that almost three quarters of fixed broadband subscriptions in households are connected to a WLAN. Regardless of population density or age, the most common device connected to a WLAN is the computer: 86% of households with WLAN have a computer connected to the WLAN. The computer is followed by the mobile phone (68%) and the tablet (63%).

The results are based on a telephone survey conducted in spring 2016. A total of 3009 Finns over the age of 15 were interviewed for the survey. TNS Gallup collected the data and compiled the results.

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