Internationally known registry-registrar model to be used for the fi-domain

Published 10.03.2016

A new operational model for fi-domain names, which is brought into use on 5 September 2016, clarifies the roles of FICORA and registrars. In the future, holders may obtain fi-domain names and all related services only from their own registrar. FICORA continues to guarantee the high quality of fi-domain name activities by supervising the registrars.

The operational model for fi-domain names changes on 5 September 2016 as the provisions on fi-domain names in the Information Society Code enter into force. After this change, holders obtain fi-domain names and all related services from their own registrar.

Fi-domain names may be applied for more widely as the local presence requirement for applicants is abandoned. This means that foreign companies, organisations and private persons become eligible to obtain fi-domain names regardless of their place of residence. The age limit of 15 for domain name holders is also abandoned. Furthermore, domain names that consist of a combination of a person's first and last names may be freely registered. Fi-domain names may also be registered with the purpose of redelivery which is currently still illegal.

New operational model clarifies the roles of FICORA and registrars

In the future, each domain name holder must have their own registrar. It is the registrar's duty to administer domain names on behalf of the holder and manage the customer relationship.

Along with the new operational model, the obligations of the registrar will be specified and FICORA's opportunities to supervise the activities of registrars will be improved. Particular attention has been paid to information security requirements concerning the activities of registrars.

FICORA guarantees the quality and reliability of fi-domain names

FICORA continues to maintain the domain name register and the domain name system for the fi-root. The protection of trademarks and business names also remains the same. FICORA continues to resolve disputes free of charge at the request of right holders.

FICORA has the right to undertake the necessary measures to prevent any significant information security violations. "FICORA will be able to more efficiently address situations where a registrar repeatedly breaks the rules despite warnings," said Juhani Juselius, Head of Products and Services.

The fi-domain name remains a safe and reliable Finnish choice.

Fi-domain names at a major international event

FICORA's fi-domain names participate in, World Hosting Days, in Rust, Germany from 15 to 17 March 2016. FICORA's booth G11 and Internet Lounge are organised together with Invest in Finland. The aim is to promote the new operational model to foreign registrars.

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