Finland still ranks first in several Nordic-Baltic telecommunications statistics

Published 22.06.2016

When comparing the use and penetration of telecommunications services in the Nordic and Baltic countries in 2015, Finland is still the leading country in several statistics on mobile services. For instance, the volume of data transferred over mobile networks per capita is much higher in Finland than in other Nordic and Baltic countries.

The statistics reveal that Finland is the only country among the Nordic and Baltic countries where the number of mobile call minutes is decreasing along with fixed call minutes. Moreover, Finland is the only country where the penetration rate of fixed broadband subscriptions is decreasing. However, the penetration rate of faster broadband services, which mean 100 Mbps subscriptions, is increasing in Finland, too, and in this respect, Finland ranks in the middle among the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The statistical report is a joint publication of FICORA and other Nordic and Baltic telecoms regulators. The information in the publication is based on a database which is jointly maintained by the regulatory authorities. The report of 2015, together with previous reports, is available on FICORA's website

The statistics are also available on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's (PTS) website

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