FICORA granted programming licences for radio

Published 28.04.2016

FICORA has granted four new programming licences for analogue radio broadcasting operations in 13 regions in Finland.

In the application round for radio programming licences that ended at the end of January, programming licences available for application included one new frequency in the Jämsä region and 16 frequencies that remained available after the application round in summer 2015. Furthermore, operators could apply for programming licences for two frequencies in Helsinki.

FICORA granted programming licences for analogue FM radio broadcasting operations for a total of 13 new frequencies.

Three of these programming licences were for completely new frequency blocks and they were granted to Patmos Lähetyssäätiö, Alueradiot Sastamala Oy and Kevyt Kanava Oy. A frequency granted to Radio Satellite Finland Oy was incorporated into a previously granted programming licence.

Programming licences for the two frequencies in Helsinki as well as frequencies in Kankaanpää and Lahti were granted by the Government due to the scarcity of frequencies.

Radio broadcasting on the new frequencies subject to the programming licences must be started within six months of the first date of the licence period. The programming licences expire at the end of 2019.

Decisions on radio programming licences will be published in Finnish on FICORA's website.

Further information

Henriikka Rosti, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390 326

Markus Mettälä, Head of Fixed Radiocommunication Networks, tel. +358 295 390 439

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