Fi-domain names take a step towards international practices

Published 22.08.2016

On 5 September 2016, fi-domain names will adopt the internationally established registry-registrar model. After this date, holders obtain fi-domain names and all related services from their own registrar. New lower prices for fi-domain names will come into effect on the same date.

The internationally known registry-registrar model for fi-domain names, which is brought into use on 5 September 2016, clarifies the roles of FICORA and registrars. After this change, holders obtain fi-domain names and all related services from their own registrar.

In the new model

every fi-domain name holder must have their own registrar managing domain names on behalf of the holder

registrars provide all the services related to fi-domain names, including applications, renewals, transfers, switching registrars, terminations, and updating details

more people will be eligible to apply for fi-domain names, as local presence and age requirements for applications are removed. The applicant can be located anywhere in world, and the age limit of 15 is removed.

foreign companies, organisations and private persons can also have an fi-domain name

everyone may apply for a combination of first name and last name.

"FICORA continues to be responsible for the technical operation of fi-domain names and will supervise and guarantee that registrars offering fi-domain name services will provide the highest quality of service", says Juhani Juselius, Head of the Fi-Domain Name Group. “The change does not affect the protection of Finnish registered business names or trademarks in relation to fi-domain names", Juselius adds.

Fi-domain name prices will be lower than before

The new prices of fi-domain names will be applied from 5 September 2016. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has set the prices for fi-domain names as follows:

- 1 year - EUR 9

- 2 years - EUR 18

- 3 years - EUR 27

- 4 years - EUR 36

- 5 years - EUR 45

Read more about the new model for fi-domain names

Further information:

Juhani Juselius, Head of Products and Services, tel. +358 295 390 492

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