Fi-domain names now available for everyone all around the world

Published 05.09.2016

Today, on 5 September 2016, a new operational model was adopted for fi-domain names, and as a result, anyone anywhere in the world can register domain names ending with .fi. From now on, customers obtain all services related to their domain names from their own registrar.

As of 5 September 2016, registrars provide fi-domain names and all related services, including registering, renewing, transferring, switching registrars, removing from the register, and updating contact details. This means that the first point of contact in all issues related to fi-domain names is the customer's own domain name registrar, not FICORA.

Everyone is eligible to apply for domain names

Following the change, everyone can register domain names ending with .fi, as local presence and age requirements for applications are removed. A domain name holder can be located anywhere in world, and the age limit of 15 for private end-users is removed. Foreign companies, organisations and private end-users can also register fi-domain names. Everyone may also register combinations of first name and last name.

Banned domain names will be available for registration on Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The registration of certain domain names is currently banned by law. Such domain names include:

• names of other internet country code top-level domains (e.g. .se in Sweden and .no in Norway) and generic top-level domains (e.g. .net and .org)

• abbreviations of enterprise, foundation or association forms

• certain expressions that are insulting or incite into criminal activity.

These restrictions are abandoned in the Information Society Code and the previously banned domain names will be released for registration on Wednesday, 7 September 2016 at 10.00. The release takes place on Wednesday in order to provide all registrars an equal chance to apply for such domain names.

FICORA has new tools for supervising registrars

FICORA continues to manage the fi-domain name register that includes all fi-domain names and registrars of fi-domain names. FICORA also maintains the domain name system for the fi-root and is responsible for the technical operation of fi-domain names. The protection of trademarks and business names registered in Finland remains unchanged. FICORA continues to resolve fi-domain name disputes free of charge.

FICORA supervises and guarantees that registrars will provide the highest quality of service “From now on, FICORA is able to more efficiently modify nameserver settings to prevent significant information security violations", says Juhani Juselius, Head of the Fi-Domain Name Group.

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Further information:

Juhani Juselius, Head of Fi-Domain Name Group, tel. +358 295 390 492

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