Everyone is entitled to 2 Mbps internet connection

Published 11.10.2016

Everyone is entitled to have a functioning telephone connection and at least 2 Mbps broadband to their home or place of business. FICORA has designated a universal service provider for areas where there are not enough subscriptions available. The universal service provider must provide a functioning connection to each home or place of business, if necessary.

FICORA has revised its decisions on the universal service for telephone and broadband services. Areas subject to universal service obligations for telephone and broadband services have reduced considerably. “In recent years, the coverage of communications networks and access to services have clearly improved in sparsely populated areas. FICORA has also had more detailed regional information about the availability of services for its decisions", says Director Johanna Juusela.

Having fewer universal service areas does not affect customers’ right to obtain functioning telephone and broadband services. “Even though universal service obligations are reduced, customers’ rights remain the same", states Merja Saari, Head of Consumer Protection. Operators’ voluntary actions in tackling issues carry more weight in future. FICORA may promptly designate a universal service provider if it is necessary for ensuring the provision of telephone and broadband services.

Everyone can improve their telephone and broadband reception considerably by using antennas. In terms of universal service, it is sufficient that the connection functions by using an outdoor antenna together with a router or a GSM desk phone. It is the operators’ duty to advise and assist customers in issues related to universal service and improving reception. FICORA's website contains more information about the content of universal service as well as general instructions for improving mobile reception. FICORA assists customers experiencing problems with obtaining a functioning telephone or broadband connection.

In Finland, everyone is entitled to obtain a functioning telephone connection and at least 2 Mbps broadband to their permanent residence or fixed place of business. Universal service also covers broadband and text message services for people with hearing or speech impairment. The right to a universal service does not apply to holiday homes. If there are areas with insufficient commercial supply of universal services, FICORA designates a universal service provider for the area.

Further information:

Merja Saari, Head of Consumer Protection, tel. +358 292 390 514
Anna Saarela, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390 598

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