Broadband penetration and pricing in Finland rank well on a global scale

Published 04.02.2016

International comparative studies have shown that broadband penetration in households is at a high level in Finland. Furthermore, fixed broadband subscriptions in Finland are more affordable than the EU average. As many as 90% of Finnish households have a broadband subscription whereas the EU average is 80% of households.

According to statistics of the European Commission, Finland is one of the leading EU countries in broadband penetration. This is explained by the extensive and fast mobile networks that supplement fixed broadband networks as well as affordable subscription prices. In Finland, 90% of households use broadband. The EU average is 80%. In comparison to other EU countries, Finland is in a league of its own especially in mobile broadband penetration. Finland has as many as 138 mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants whereas the EU average is only 72 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.

The Commission orders annually a study comparing the prices of fixed broadband. One of the key findings of the latest study is the reduction in broadband prices in Europe. The prices of fast, over 30 Mbit/s connections in particular, have decreased significantly. The study shows that in Finland, broadband subscription prices are lower than the EU average in all speed categories.

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