Banned domain names will not be available for registration until 12 September

Published 06.09.2016

Unlike previously announced, banned domain names will not be released for registration until Monday, 12 September at 10.00.

Due to a last-minute high demand for using the machine-language EPP interface, the release of the banned domain names is postponed in order to provide all registrars an equal chance to apply for such domain names.

According to the original schedule, the banned domain names were intended to be released for registration on Wednesday, 7 September at 10.00.

Banned domain names will be available for registration on Monday, 12 September at 10.00

The registration of certain domain names is currently banned by law. Such domain names include:

• names of other internet country code top-level domains (e.g. .se in Sweden and .no in Norway) and generic top-level domains (e.g. .net and .org)

• abbreviations of enterprise, foundation or association forms

• certain expressions that are insulting or incite into criminal activity.

These restrictions are abandoned in the Information Society Code and as a result, the previously banned domain names will be released for registration.

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