Application period for programming licences in the terrestrial TV network completed – FICORA received 81 applications

Published 19.04.2016

Current programming licences in the terrestrial television network expire at the beginning of 2017. In January 2016, FICORA published an invitation to apply for programming licences for a ten-year period beginning in 2017. In the application round that ended on 18 April, 15 operators submitted licence applications on time for a total of 81 programmes. Two operators applied for a licence for public interest television operations.

The television programming licences were available for application for a licence period from 10 January 2017 to 10 January 2027. Operators could apply for programming licences for digital television and radio broadcasting within the entire broadcasting capacity of multiplexes in the UHF and VHF frequency bands to the extent that the capacity is not reserved for public service television operations by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Ltd (Yleisradio, Yle).

The deadline for applications was on Monday, 18 April 2016 at 4.15 pm. There were 15 applicants in total, including one applicant that is yet to carry out broadcasting activities in the Finnish terrestrial television network. Two operators applied for a licence for public interest television operations which was available for application for the first time. In relative terms, the operators’ major interest was in multiplexes A and E that are broadcast using the DVB-T technology in the UHF frequency band. Multiplex A also contains Yle's channels.

The next phase in the application process is to examine the applicants’ requests for programming licences and determine the competent licence authority together with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. FICORA grants the licences if there is sufficient broadcasting capacity. If there is not sufficient capacity for all applicants or if granting a licence could have a significant effect on the general development of the communications market, the licence is granted by the Government. FICORA notifies the applicants of any such transfers.

Regardless of the party granting the licences, the aim is to grant all programming licences at the same time in summer 2016.

List of applications submitted to FICORA by deadline (in Finnish) [pdf, 186 KB]

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