Updates in regulations enable new communications connections and simplify licence procedures

Published 15.12.2015

A new version of FICORA's Radio Frequency Regulation 4 contains a frequency allocation table which has been updated in accordance with the radio spectrum decisions by the European Commission as well as the decisions and recommendations by the European Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), among others.

These updates include, for example, adding sub-bands for wide-band radio modems in the 400 MHz range, adding new bands for short range devices in the 870 MHz and allowing analogue PMR446 mobile radios also to operate in the frequency band 446.1-446.2 MHz previously allocated for digital PMR446.

A detailed list of the changes is presented in the explanatory notes to Regulation 4.

Regulation 15 on licence-exempt radio transmitters has also been updated. In the new version, a new frequency band 870-873 MHz has been allocated for licence-exempt short range radio transmitters, transport and traffic telematics, as well as tracking, tracing and data acquisition systems. Furthermore, wireless audio applications operating in the frequency range 1795-1800 MHz as well as transport and traffic telematics operating in the frequency range 63-64 GHz have been exempted from licensing.

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Radio Frequency Regulation 4

Regulation 15 on collective frequencies for licence-exempt radio transmitters and on their use

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