Sectoral information now found under Statistics and reports

Published 25.11.2015

FICORA's web service has been renewed for sectoral information. The previous name About the sector is now Statistics and reports, and the structure of the section has been simplified and functions improved.

The structure of the section Statistics and reports has been simplified so that statistics, reports, reviews and articles could be found easier. The Statistics and comparisons page contains all statistics FICORA has produced in the order of update, and you can restrict your search of statistics and comparisons according to topic. Reviews and articles are listed by publication date, and you can restrict the contents according to topic and publication.

The sectoral information compiled by FICORA is mainly based on the information gathered from communications service providers for steering and supervision use. These statistics have been supplemented for instance with consumer surveys and information provided by public sources. During one year, FICORA publishes a few dozen articles on sectoral information and several dozen statistics which are updated 1–4 times per year.

See the updated Statistics and reports section

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