Radio licence for Finland's first satellite granted by FICORA

Published 20.03.2015

FICORA has granted Aalto University a radio licence which entitles to use a radio transmitter in a satellite called Aalto-1. Aalto-1 is Finland's first satellite and the radio licence is the first radio licence that FICORA has granted for a satellite.

The satellite project is led by the Department of Radio Science and Engineering at Aalto University, but space experts from the industry and other universities are also involved in the project. The satellite has been planned and constructed mainly by students at Aalto University as work for student theses and within project frameworks. Aalto-1 is a small-scale satellite which weighs only 4 kg. The latest Finnish technology will lift off with the satellite into space for testing, such as a new-generation spectral camera for remote sensing constructed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, an electric sail device, constructed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, which can also be used as a brake, and a small radiation meter constructed by students and researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Turku. The radio licence enables that the Aalto-1 satellite can be launched as planned at the end of 2015. Consequently, also Finland will become a space nation.

Aalto-1 circles the Earth in an orbit located near the poles in an altitude of approximately 600 km on the average. During a 24-hour period, Aalto-1 will be seen all over the world. The transmission of the satellite might cause interference to other radio stations that receive on the same frequencies. Therefore, the satellite's use of frequencies requires a worldwide approval method in accordance with the international Radio Regulation. FICORA initiated the method for the Aalto-1 satellite in 2013. The correspondence with the International Telecommunication Union and several administrations and, finally, the registration of the frequencies lasted 16 months. The radio licence was granted on 16 March 2015 and it is valid for 5 years.

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(17 December 2014)

Further information:

Further information on the radio licence:
Pauli Huuhka, Radio Network Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 442
FICORA's email addresses follow the format forename.surename(at)

Inquiries concerning the satellite project:
Jaan Praks, Responsible Leader for the project, tel. +358 50 420 5847

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