More secure positioning with the PRS satellite service

Published 26.06.2015

FICORA administrates the national implementation of a new satellite service

The European satellite navigation system Galileo will, in the future, produce encrypted Public Regulated Service (PRS), which is mainly intended for authorities. It can also be used to support applications strategic and critical for society both in disruptive situations under normal circumstances and in exceptional circumstances.

The developing satellite positioning systems offer a more comprehensive and precise positioning and time signal as well as new services using them.

"The development of global positioning systems and applications based on them will bring new expanding business opportunities also to Finnish companies in the digital society", says Matti Kesäläinen, Senior Specialist at the NCSC-FI.

"PRS is intended for separately approved instances, such as the rescue and security authorities and some of the operators that are critical to security of supply. The technology used in the system improves the reliability of the service both in case of unintended or intended disturbance", says Kekäläinen.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has assigned FICORA as the national PRS authority, whose task at this point is to promote the introduction of the service in Finland. In the future, FICORA administrates the national implementation of the service, supervises the licences as well as the fulfilment of the minimum requirements set for information security of PRS receivers and technology in the research, development and production phases.

According to plans, the service is ready for use in 2020. To be used in full, the service needs 25–30 Galileo satellites. At the moment, there are eight in the sky.

Further information:

Senior Specialist Matti Kesäläinen, NCSC-FI at FICORA, tel. 358 295 390 647,

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