MONITORi provides more regional information about broadband services

Published 11.12.2015

FICORA has published new features in its geographic information service MONITORi. As a result, the service contains more information, for instance, on prices, quality and availability of broadband services. More information is added and specified further during spring 2016, and the usability of the service is constantly developed.

MONITORi provides information on the regional availability of television and radio as well as telephone and broadband services. Major disturbances in these services are also reported in MONITORi. In addition, MONITORi contains information about postal services, prices of broadband services and broadband projects, as well as measured speeds of mobile broadband subscriptions. The published information is based on data collected in connection with FICORA's steering and supervision duties.

Users have access to compiled information on services around a selected location. This area view also contains questions for users, for example, on how the services function. Majority of the information may be viewed separately on the map.

During the first half of 2016, more information is published in the service and the existing information is specified further in stages. There will be more information, for instance, about the availability of fixed broadband subscriptions in the service in the spring. The questions feature will also be developed so that it is easier for users to report issues related to broadband services through MONITORi.

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