Lots of new contents added to the MONITORi service

Published 29.01.2015

Alongside disruption information provided by telecoms operators to FICORA, the MONITORi service now features also information on the availability and supply of communications services. The MONITORi service, which is based on FICORA's geographic information, aims at providing information on the supply and functionality of internet, telephone, post, TV and radio as comprehensively as possible. The service is constantly being developed by adding new contents and features, as well as by improving the usability.

The new MONITORi enables that users can, for example, check which radio or TV channels are available to them in their own region or in any address of their interest. As the only service, MONITORi provides regional information on the availability of television channels so that the information covers both DNA's and Digita's networks.

The service also provides information on which kind of telephone or broadband subscription the user is entitled to at home. For the time being, the details of undertakings providing telephone and internet subscriptions are only available in the regions where FICORA has obliged an operator to provide universal services in order to secure an affordable and equal availability of them. During 2015, the aim is to add to MONITORi information on the availability of services on a more extensive scale.

With regard to post, MONITORi serves its users for example when they are searching for post offices, postal agency shops and mail boxes.

Of course, MONITORi also informs of severe and very severe disruptions in telephone, broadband, TV and radio connections, based on notifications from telecoms operators, and of possible service interruptions.

The information published in MONITORi is based on information collected in conjunction with FICORA's steering and supervision duties. In the service, it is possible to view the current situation on the map, but information on communications services is also available as region-specific summaries.

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Further information:

Joonas Orkola, Chief, tel. +358 295 390 493

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