Kirsi Karlamaa appointed as FICORA's Director-General

Published 22.10.2015

Kirsi Karlamaa, M.Sc. (Tech.), has been appointed as FICORA's new Director-General at the Government plenary session today. The five-year term of office begins on 1 January 2016 and ends on 31 December 2020.

Currently she is the Director of FICORA's National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI). Before NCSC-FI, she served as the Director of Security Division and Director of Radio Frequencies at FICORA. Karlamaa has worked for FICORA since 2000.

The communications market is changing and developing rapidly. New forms of communication, usage methods and devices connected to the network are constantly arising in electronic communications. FICORA ensures the diversity of provided communications services and responds to the increasing need for frequencies. "We want to make sure that new and innovative services are able to enter into the markets", Karlamaa states.

FICORA must also identify fundamental defects in the communications markets and address them actively. "FICORA engages, for its part, in building a digital society. The current Government's key projects provide FICORA many opportunities to improve the growth environment for digital business, whether it relates to information security strategy, utilization of data, or deregulation", Karlamaa says.

One of FICORA's most important tasks during the coming term of office is regulatory development. FICORA also monitors legislative drafting at EU level and participates especially in reforms of telecommunications and media regulation, which is part of the Digital Single Market strategy. FICORA aims at reducing regulatory burdens as well as simplifying EU legislation and making it more flexible.

FICORA's field of operation consists of market surveillance and regulation issues related to electronic communications and postal operations, media supervision, spectrum management, and cyber security issues, to name a few. Cyber security is monitored by the NCSC-FI which was established at the beginning of 2014. FICORA employs approximately 240 persons.

The Director-General is responsible for the general development and management of FICORA's operations. The Director-General also supervises that FICORA's duties are performed effectively and expediently.

Press release of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the Government's decision

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