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Published 03.07.2015

Poor reception with mobile phone or poor broadband performance? There are simple technological solutions which can significantly improve the mobile phone and mobile broadband reception at home. FICORA has just published guidance videos to help users to improve their mobile network coverage.

There are easy ways to improve the mobile phone and mobile broadband coverage. FICORA and the telecoms operators have made videos which include three tips for making the mobile phone and the mobile broadband to function at home.

Sometimes it helps if the mobile phone is used at a site where the reception is strongest, usually near the window. Broadband performance can be improved with a mobile router by placing it near the window. The mobile router enables users to have a wireless broadband network at home.

Separate desk antenna improves the coverage even more

If placing the terminal equipment is not sufficient, it is recommended that users buy a desk GSM to be used at home. The coverage of the mobile router, intended for both the desk GSM and broadband, can be further improved by a separate desk antenna. The weather resistant desk antenna can also be placed at a window sill outdoors to improve the reception even more.

If these means do not improve the coverage, it is recommended to buy an outdoor antenna which is usually installed on the roof. The outdoor antenna is connected to the desk GSM or the mobile router with an antenna cable. It is advisable to let an antenna professional install the antenna.

The published videos give concrete guidance to improve the coverage. Advice and guidance is also provided by mobile operators. The operators give information about the mobile network coverage, help with necessary equipment and instruct to orient the antenna correctly.

Everyone is entitled to telephone and broadband access

Everyone is entitled to obtain to their permanent residence a functioning telephone connection and 1 Mbps broadband. A so called universal service subscription can be fixed or wireless and in order to obtain it, coverage in one place at home is sufficient. In order to function, the universal service subscription may require an indoor or outdoor antenna to improve the coverage. The customer is responsible for the antenna costs. FICORA gives advice and guidance in matters related to universal service and helps if the citizens are having problems in obtaining a functioning telephone or broadband subscription.

Further information:

Merja Saari, Head of the Consumer Protection group, tel. +358 295 390 541

Legal Counsel Anna Saarela, tel. +358 295 390 598

Download the videos from FICORA's YouTube page (in Finnish)

Guidelines for improving mobile network coverage 

Further information on everyone's right to a telephone and broadband subscription

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