Finland and Russia agree on use of the 700 MHz frequency band

Published 04.11.2015

FICORA and the Russian frequency management authority have concluded an agreement on using the 700 MHz frequency band in the border area for wireless broadband networks in Finland and for aeronautical radionavigation in Russia. Finland and Russia have been discussing the use of the 700 MHz frequency band in the border area of the two countries for several years.

The World Radiocommunication Conference in 2012 (WRC-12) allocated the 700 MHz frequency band also for wireless broadband in addition to TV broadcasts. The decision enters into force immediately after the ongoing World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15).

In Finland, the transition of the frequency band from TV broadcasts to wireless broadband is originally based on the Communications Policy Programme for Electronic Media submitted by the Government as a report to the Parliament in September 2012. Television frequency changes to release the 700 MHz frequency band have already begun this year and they will be completed by the end of 2016.

The new frequency agreement enables building extensive broadband networks in Finland. The agreement contains some restrictions on the base station density of wireless broadband networks within 100 km of the border but these are not estimated to have any major cost effects. Furthermore, the restrictions in large population centres, such as Imatra, Lappeenranta, Hamina and Kotka, have been relaxed.

The agreement includes limitations to ensure that the Russian aeronautical radionavigation systems and the Finnish wireless broadband networks do not suffer from interference in the border area. The technical limitations for use apply equally to the whole frequency range available for broadband networks.

FICORA continues negotiations with the Russian frequency management authority to also include Russian TV broadcasts in the agreement between the countries.

Further information

Petri Lehikoinen, Head of Mobile Networks, FICORA, tel. +358 295 390 453

Pasi Toivonen, Chief Specialist, FICORA, tel. +358 295 390 463

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