FICORA transfers a part of applications for a programming licence for radio broadcasting to the Government

Published 02.10.2015

The application round for radio programming licences that ended at the end of August is now at the stage where FICORA transfers a part of the applications to the Government for decision due to insufficiency of frequencies. Other programming licences are still granted by FICORA.

FICORA has examined the requests for frequencies presented in the applications and prepared an allocation proposal which it has negotiated directly with the applicants. The aim was to allocate frequencies between applicants as efficiently and equally as possible and to avoid situations where there are not enough frequencies for all applicants.

After the negotiations it could be specified which programming licences may be granted by FICORA and which are transferred to the Government for decision because of the insufficient availability of frequencies. The applicants whose applications are transferred to the Government in part or in full may supplement their applications with the planned programme content within two weeks of the transfer as provided in the Information Society Code.

FICORA has contacted the applicants whose applications are transferred and continues to prepare licence decisions regarding the applications that have not been transferred. Final licence decisions are made at FICORA during this autumn.

List of transferred applications (in Finnish) [pdf, 154 KB]

Further information

Henriikka Rosti, Legal Counsel, tel. +358 295 390 326

Suvi Juurakko-Lehikoinen, Head of Fixed Radiocommunication Networks, tel. +358 295 390 446

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