FICORA's supervision campaign revealed non-compliance in maritime VHF handphones

Published 24.06.2015

FICORA has carried out a supervision campaign targeted at maritime VHF radio telephone models sold to consumers in retail sale. The campaign revealed non-compliance in some of the maritime VHF handphones. On the basis of the tests, FICORA issued decisions which prohibit these models from being imported and offered for sale.

FICORA supervises radio equipment to be sold in Finland. It carries out annually supervision campaigns targeted at certain equipment groups. FICORA may prohibit sales and import of equipment that do not comply with requirements. As the maritime VHF radiophone is an important security medium for boaters, this equipment was selected as a target for one of the campaigns.

A maritime VHF radiophone is the most important means of communication for boaters. It enables direct communication between a boat and maritime rescues services or another boat even when there is no mobile phone network coverage. The device becomes vital in situations related to security. It is important that the equipment complies with the requirements, for example, to ensure reliable transmission of emergency calls.

As part of market surveillance of radio equipment, three different models of maritime VHF handphones were tested to ensure that they operate correctly. None of the tested models complied with all of the requirements. The defects found in the tests may, at worst, occur to users as follows: transmission may cause temporary or longer interference to other equipment or reception may encounter interference or be blocked. On the basis of the tests, FICORA issued decisions which prohibit sales and import of these models.

Decisions on the non-compliance of maritime VHF telephones (in Finnish and Swedish)

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