FICORA's review outlines the future of the sector

Published 18.01.2016

FICORA has published an operational environment review which discusses the near-future prospects in FICORA's field of operation, i.e. the markets for electronic communications and electronic mass communications as well as postal markets.

The review examines relevant phenomena for the development of the sector based on which FICORA has identified the most significant trends affecting the future of the operating environment. Digitalisation has become a megatrend throughout the whole sector and it affects all aspects relevant for the development of the sector.

The information in the review is based on FICORA's internal work and a survey on operational environment which has enabled operators in the field to express their views on the development of the sector.

18.1.2016: The review has been published in English under Statistics and report.

Further information:

Joonas Orkola, Head of Sector Intelligence, tel. +358 295 390 493

Key words: Information security , Internet , Post , Radio , Spectrum , Telephone , Television , News

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