European Commission has opened a discussion on the planning of the future media landscape

Published 15.07.2015

What kind is the future media landscape in the EU? What kinds of rules are needed for editorial content on the Internet? Should EU regulation be applied to the content produced by the users on the Internet? What is the best way for protecting underage media service users from harmful content? What is the best way for promoting the success of European TV series and films? How is the access to audiovisual content guaranteed for e.g. persons with a visual or hearing disability? Has the technological development already passed some rules? These are among the questions to which the European Commission seeks answers by arranging a public consultation.

The European Commission has initiated a public consultation on the Directive on Audiovisual Media Services. The results of the consultation serve as a basis for estimating which parts of the Directive are currently fit for purpose and for planning the future policy for media services.

Among the Commission's targeted respondents are national regulators, broadcasters, producers, content providers, telecommunications service providers, civil society organisations, academia and citizens.

More detailed information and the questions are available on the European Commission's website.

The consultation is open for all interested parties until 30 September 2015.

Online forum for the discussion

Simultaneously with the public consultation, the Commission has opened its own online forum where the users can share their ideas on how to improve the legislation and provide their personal experiences of the suitability of the Directive on Audiovisual Media Services. You can take part in the discussion on the European Commission's website. 

Directive on Audiovisual Media Services

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