Availability of high-speed fibre-optic network improved in Finland

Published 02.02.2015

The availability of a fibre-optic network suitable for providing high-speed broadband subscriptions with a transfer speed of more than 30 Mbps has improved by 11 per cent during 2014. When taking into account all fixed network technologies, the growth is circa six per cent.

At the end of 2014, circa 46 per cent of Finnish households had access to a 30 Mbps or faster broadband subscription implemented to home or building by means of a fibre-optic network. When taking into account all fixed network technologies, the availability was approximately 73 per cent.

According to the data gathered by FICORA from telecommunications operators, the expansion of the fixed broadband network is largely attributable to the construction of the new fibre-optic network. Telecommunications operators are constructing the fibre-optic network on market terms mainly in cities and densely-populated areas. In sparsely-populated areas, the state aid granted in FICORA's Broadband 2015 project has had a significant impact on the construction of the fibre-optic network.

Quick increase in the availability of mobile broadband

The availability of broadband subscriptions implemented by means of the mobile network has increased during 2014. Mobile broadband with a nominal speed of 30 Mbps is already available to 95 per cent of the households. The increase from the last year was around 12 per cent. The availability of high-speed mobile broadband may occasionally require that an external fixed additional antenna is used.

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