Availability of high-speed broadband in Finland is good

Published 18.03.2015

During 2014, the availability of high-speed mobile broadband subscriptions faster than 30 Mbps has improved in Finland by about 12%. The availability of subscriptions implemented by means of the fixed fibre-optic network technology has increased in the same time about 4%. The province of Ostrobothnia has the best availability with regard to fibre-optic connections.

At the end of 2014, FICORA investigated the availability of high-speed broadband subscriptions. The results showed that the availability area of high-speed mobile broadband subscriptions implemented in the mobile network covers as much as about 95% of Finland's population.

The best availability of fibre-optic connections is in the province of Ostrobothnia where high-speed fibre-optic subscriptions are available to about 65% of permanent residences. The availability is best in Ostrobothnia also with regard to all fixed network technologies. With regard to individual municipalities, the best availability of fibre-optic subscriptions is in Kaskinen (Ostrobothnia), Kumlinge (Åland) and Kustavi (Southwest Finland).

At the end of 2014, a 30 Mbps broadband subscription implemented by means of fixed network technologies was available to about 81% of Finnish households. A broadband subscription implemented to home or building by means of the fibre-optic network was available to about 53%.

Finnish municipalities with the best availability of fibre-optic subscriptions:

1. Kaskinen, Kumlinge and Kustavi

4. Utajärvi (BB2015)

5. Rautavaara (BB2015)

6. Larsmo

7. Utsjoki (BB2015)

8. Honkajoki (BB2015)

9. Lapinjärvi

10. Jakobstad

BB2015 = The partially state-aided Broadband 2015 project has been implemented in the municipality. The household-specific availability of fibre-optic subscriptions in the above-listed municipalities is already over 90%.

State aid has improved the availability of broadband

By the end of 2014, FICORA has granted circa EUR 46 million worth of state aid to the operators participating in the Broadband 2015 project for the construction of the fibre-optic network. The aid has enabled that the operators participating in the project have constructed in total over 14,000 kilometres of the new fibre-optic network. The broadband project has considerably affected the improved availability of high-speed broadband, especially in sparsely-populated rural districts.

According to an objective set in the Digital Agenda of the European Commission, a 30 Mbps broadband subscription will be available to all Europeans by 2020. In 2008, the Finnish government set an objective according to which broadband of 100 Mbps will be available to nearly all Finns by the end of 2015.

Further information on the availability of the high-speed broadband network.

Further information on the Broadband 2015 project.

Further information:

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