Recommendation for telecommunications operators: customers should be notified when services are implemented abroad

Published 26.06.2014

In cooperation with telecommunications operators, FICORA has drafted a recommendation on what kind of information and how it should be provided to users when a communications service has an international linkage.

According to FICORA's earlier survey, some telecommunications operators implement their communications services partly or completely outside Finland or by utilising services provided by foreign companies. Therefore, the implementation of such services may be subject to regulation deviating from the Finnish legislation of which the users of the services should be notified. This kind of information enables that the users can assess the eventual threats targeted at their communications and identification data.

FICORA has published a recommendation (205/2014 S) for telecommunications operators on the communication on the information security of services implemented abroad. During 2015, FICORA monitors that the information presented in the recommendation, drafted in cooperation with the sector, is available to the users. When assessing that the communication is fulfilled in accordance with the recommendation, FICORA emphasises in particular that the users should be notified of whether the service is implemented in Finland, elsewhere in the EU or EEA, or outside these areas (recommendation 1).


Recommendation 205/2014 S: Communication on the information security of services implemented abroad

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