Mobile network coverage will be defined in Europe under the leadership of FICORA

A pan-European definition for the coverage of mobile networks will be developed at FICORA's initiative. The purpose of the work is to define the technical meaning of network coverage in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks as well as the methods for measuring network coverage in a correct manner.

In the autumn of 2013, FICORA presented the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) its proposal on developing a European definition for the coverage of mobile networks. The work for defining network coverage will begin in a correspondence group, operating under the ECC PT1 working group. The correspondence group is led by Jan Engelberg, Senior Specialist at FICORA. In addition to technical definitions, the ECC FM22 working group will define the methods for measuring the coverage of LTE networks. The same working group has previously defined the measurement methods for GSM and UMTS technologies, among others.

FICORA will use the results of ECC's work when it collects data on network coverage from mobile operators. The data is used for example in monitoring the coverage obligations specified in the licence for 800 MHz mobile networks, in assessing the availability of a universal service in the future as well as in the MONITORi service, which is aimed at users of communications services. In addition, FICORA develops its measurement equipment, which is used for monitoring network coverage by means of random tests.

Further information:

Jan Engelberg (ECC PT1 work, technical definitions of coverage),
tel. +358 295 390 438
Heidi Himmanen (spectrum supervision), tel. +358 295 390 441
Yrjö Hämäläinen (measurement methods), tel. +358 295 390 443
Merja Saari (universal service), tel. +358 295 390 541
Joonas Orkola (network coverage data collection), tel. +358 295 390 493

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