IPv6 enables more efficient use of internet connections and services

Published 09.10.2014

In order for the internet and internet services, e.g. websites and e-mail, to function, each device connected to the internet requires an own address. The number of internet-connected devices has increased and, consequently, IPv4 addresses in use are running out. IPv4 addresses must be replaced with IPv6 addresses. Offering a wider range of addresses, IPv6 significantly increases the number of available addresses. In order to promote the use of IPv6 addresses, FICORA will organise in cooperation with other players the National IPv6 Launch Day next summer, on 9 June 2015.

IPv4 addresses are running out and the last remaining addresses are distributed only in small lots to those who need them. IPv6 addresses must be brought into use so that all users can communicate with each other on the internet also in the future. This is the only way to ensure an open internet for users in the future, the development of services and service quality.

IPv6 is an address standard that has been developed to be the successor of IPv4. IPv4, on which the internet has been built on, will be replaced by IPv6. In practise, each device connected to the internet has an IP address. Without it, the internet and internet services, e.g. websites and e-mail, do not function. IPv6 offers a fast lane pass the jammed IPv4 traffic. The launch of IPv6 improves the user experience related to the services. Also, internet connections become more efficient and reliable.

Finland needs to catch up with Central Europe

Several major players are already using IPv6. Examples of the major companies that are already using IPv6 are Google, Facebook, Youtube and Netflix, as well as AT&T, Comcast and Deutsche Telekom. In Finland, IPv6 is used, among others, by Iltalehti and MTV.

The differences between countries are very wide. In September 2014, the share of the use of IPv6 in Belgium was as much as 28.6% and in Germany 11.6%. However, Finland's share was one of the lowest ones, 0.43%.

In order to promote the use of IPv6, FICORA will organise a national launch day for IPv6. The requirement for participating in the launch day is that the participant brings IPv6 into use permanently. FICORA invites all providers of broadband, content and web services to participate in the launch. Those who have already submitted their registration for the launch day are DNA, SuomiCom, Iltalehti and MTV.

More information on the event and the registration for the event is available on FICORA's IPv6 campaign site at www.ipv6now.fi 

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