A giant leap forward for the open internet

Published 09.12.2014

The IPv6 launch brings players together in order to achieve a better internet and a better user experience. Several companies have already committed to participate in the project, as well as in the national launch of IPv6 which will be held on 9 June 2015.

In order for the internet and internet services, e.g. websites and e-mail, to function, each device connected to the internet requires an own address. The number of internet-connected devices has increased and, consequently, IPv4 addresses in use are running out. The last remaining addresses are distributed only in small lots to those who need them. IPv6 is an address standard that has been developed to be the successor of IPv4. IPv4, which is the basis for the internet, will be replaced by IPv6.

IPv6 offers a fast lane pass the jammed IPv4 traffic. The IPv6 launch improves the user experience related to the services. Also, internet connections become more efficient and reliable. The reason for this is that internet traffic no longer needs to be modified or restricted in the present scale for securing information security and functionality. IPv6 also supports the development and use of Internet of Things (IoT) at each customer's home.

A common goal for a better internet

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) works for promoting the launch of IPv6 in Finland. As part of the procedures, FICORA will hold the national IPv6 launch day on June 9 2015 in cooperation with sectoral players. The purpose of the launch day is to encourage providers of broadband, content and web services to start the use of IPv6 in their services and to participate in the national launch. The requirement for participating in the national launch is that the participant brings IPv6 into use permanently.

This common goal for a better internet has already mobilised players. The broadband service providers who have submitted their registration for the IPv6 launch so far are DNA, Elisa, IT-Huolto Helsinki, KaseNet, MPY, Sonera and SuomiCom. The participating web and content service providers are EuroBillTracker, Fonecta, Iltalehti, MTV, Osuuskunta Sange and FICORA.

"It is delightful to see that many companies have taken the matter seriously and updated their services on a ground that is solid in the future, too. I hope that this example encourages also other players to act similarly and participate in the launch", states Klaus Nieminen, Communications Market Specialist at FICORA.

An up-to-date list of the participants and further information on the event is available on FICORA's IPv6 campaign site atwww.ipv6now.fi.

Further information:

Klaus Nieminen, Communications Market Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 528

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