Search service helps in spotting available microphone frequencies

FICORA has published a map-based service which helps users of wireless microphones to easily search for available frequencies for devices for which a licence is required. Based on the user's location, the application assists in spotting the frequencies released from TV operations.

Wireless microphones use the same frequencies with digital TV networks in the frequency bands 174 to 230 MHz, 470 to 694 and 694 to 789 MHz. These frequencies are primarily reserved for the use of the television. Therefore, TV reception must not be interfered by the use of microphones.

Based on a simple address search, FICORA's search service displays the frequencies released from TV operations which are available for microphones at a specified site.

The frequencies suitable for microphone usage are dependent on the site where they are used. Normally, specific frequencies are not designated on microphone radio licences, but the users of microphones choose the frequencies they use based on their location.

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