Radio licences for waterborne transport inspected this summer

During June and July, FICORA carried out inspections of radio licences for boaters. The inspections were carried out in cooperation with the Boat Police, and they concerned radio licences for vessels as well as certificates of maritime radio communication.

On 20 June, the day before Midsummer eve, FICORA participated in the inspection of waterborne transport in cooperation with the Finnish Police, Finnish Customs and the Finnish Border Guard. This traditional inspection took place offshore the Helsinki metropolitan area waters. The inspection is a form of cooperation between maritime authorities. The participants are the above-mentioned authorities. FICORA has taken part of the operation for several years.

On Saturday 19 July, radio licences were inspected in the Turku archipelago. The inspection was performed in cooperation with the Boat Police operating in the Archipelago Sea.

All in all, approximately 40 boats were inspected. With the exception of some remarks and fines, radio licences and certificates were in order for the majority of the boaters.

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