Proper internal networks ensure that you can receive good quality TV transmissions and access high-speed broadband

In real estate buildings, an efficient internal network is vital to the use of versatile television, radio and broadband services. FICORA has issued a new regulation with a view to help residents, internal network designers and contractors to build internal networks that fulfil the modern requirements.

The reception of interference-free TV and radio transmissions and the use of high-speed broadband require the building of a modern internal network or rebuilding the old one. A modern internal network enables the use of the latest services also in the future. It is worth investing in the building of an internal network for example when a pipe repair is in sight in the real estate building. The savings may be big if the internal network is built in connection with pipe repair.

Minimum requirements for modern internal networks

FICORA has issued a regulation on the technical minimum requirements of internal networks and telecommunications contracting, in other words, building an internal network. The regulation lays a foundation for the design, building and maintenance of a modern internal network.

Building an internal network of good quality requires special knowledge and experience. It is advisable to choose as the designer and contractor of the internal network a company that is aware of FICORA's regulation and complies with it. When you are ordering a design or building contract of an internal network, it is advisable to refer to the requirements of the regulation. This ensures that the internal network meets future needs, too.

Regulation 65 M on internal networks and telecommunications contracting in real estate buildings

Background information on the regulation (in Finnish) [pdf, 69 KB]

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