National Cyber Security Centre to reinforce current FICORA information security duties

In the beginning of 2014, a national cyber security centre based on the Cyber Security Strategy approved by the Government will be established within the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA).

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will be responsible for monitoring cyber security risks, collecting information related to cyber security from various sources as well as processing it and communicating it to various players. Players, in turn, use situation awareness information for assessing the effects of vulnerabilities and disruptions on their own activities and for preparing for them. The public and private sectors have an extensive cooperation network for generating situation awareness information.

The NCSC also warns businesses and authorities important to the national emergency supply of information security deviations threatening Finland and if requested, assists in preparing for these threats.

Among the users of situation awareness services generated by the NCSC are, for example, telecoms operators and other ICT companies, companies from the financial sector, players critical to the security of supply such as power companies and the public administration.

FICORA is responsible for strengthening national information security

The National Cyber Security Centre reinforces FICORA's current handling of information security duties. The NCSC will be built around FICORA's current Security Division so that the authority's current CERT, NCSA and contingency duties will be incorporated into the National Cyber Security Centre. Among the objectives is to ensure functional capacity 24/7.

By 2016, ten new experts will be recruited to the National Cyber Security Centre. Stakeholders' views and needs will be taken into consideration in the planning process of the NCSC. A detailed plan of the launch of the NCSC will be clear by the end of 2013.

FICORA - easy and reliable communications for everyone in Finland

FICORA is responsible for ensuring that communications connections are versatile, efficient and secure in Finland. The extending information security duties support FICORA in increasing the reliability of communications and society by ensuring that communications networks, information security and data protection are in order. The objective is also to increase the citizens' and businesses trust in that connections and networks function in all situations and that their data is safe.

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