Improved antenna TV reception in Kurikka

Published 03.09.2013

Digita has built a new gap-filler to repair reception deficiencies in the Tupenkylä village in Western Finland, in particular. The new gap-filler ensures that the TV programmes on multiplexes A, B, C and E will be available for viewers in the area.

In the summer of 2012, several consumers from the Kesti postal code area in the municipality of Kurikka reported TV reception failures to FICORA. FICORA requested Digita to carry out field measurements to find out whether the TV signals in the area are strong enough. The measurements showed that the coverage is insufficient, and that a gap-filler is needed in the area.

According to Henri Viljasjärvi, Digita's Head of Engineering and Measurement Services, a new gap-filler will be introduced in September. "Cooperation between Digita and FICORA has been fruitful. It is a pleasure to inform the consumers in the area that interference-free TV reception will be possible for everyone living in the area."

FICORA is responsible for the supervision of terrestrial TV network licences. According to the network licences of multiplexes A and B, the operator responsible for the TV transmissions is obliged to build a new gap-filler in shadow areas in case the network licence terms are not met.

In addition, Digita has, at the request of FICORA, investigated the strength of TV signals also in the Central Finland town of Niinisalo in early 2013. Digita's measurements proved that the current gap-filler in Niinisalo is sufficient for the area's viewers to receive TV transmissions, so no new gap-fillers are needed there.

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