FICORA hopes for clarification with regard to the European Commission's proposal for a regulation on electronic communications

Published 02.10.2013

On 11 September 2013, the European Commission adopted a new proposal for a regulation with a view to create harmonious rules for the regulation of electronic communications and create a communications market that is competitive and dynamic. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) regards the proposed objectives as positive, but doubts that the regulation is suited for a regulatory tool.

In FICORA's view, the objectives of the Commission's new proposal for a regulation are good as it would, when implemented, harmonize the regulation of European electronic communications in various member states. However, FICORA expresses its concerns that the proposal for a regulation will not sufficiently allow that the special characteristics of national markets are taken into consideration when competition problems are being resolved. Harmonizing the rules by means of regulation may also partly weaken the consumers' position. Earlier, BEREC has expressed its concerns over the consequences of the regulatory system proposed by the Commission.

FICORA's statement on the proposal for a regulation of the European Commission (in Finnish) 

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